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  Monday 4/15/19

Today is tax day, but we got ours done a few weeks ago, so no worries.

I didn't have to get up too early today. David came to get me about 12:30. I got my soda as usual and then went to class.  Class was fine. One of the students, Jesse, did his speech about vaccines. (It was an argument analyses, so we were supposed to give both sides) We had a very interesting discussion about it.  Of course, being a college, everyone was on the pro side of it. I don't think I know any real-life people who are against vaccines, only a few weird Facebook people.

David took me home after that, and I walked Brandy. It was a beautiful day out. I got a new leash for Brandy that's more durable and also more comfortable. I bought a new harness, too, but it hasn't arrived yet.  I chatted with one of the gardening people that works on a neighbor's yard. I was wondering what this one pink flower is, and it turns out, it's an azalea. Well, duh! That's the name of the street in our neighborhood, too.

I forgot that I was going to pick up my prescription on the way home, but David got it for me. Yay!

I can't remember what I did the rest of the day. Probably did laundry, worked on my site, watching TV etc.

I was going to bed about 11, and then I got really sick (the usual from someone thing I ate), so that wasn't fun.

  Tuesday 4/16/19

I woke up around 8:30 and really didn't want to get up. I kept hitting the snooze button. I was really tired, even though I'd had plenty of sleep.

David picked me up and took me into school about 11.

I sat with the ladies in Reynolds and then I was very sick again for awhile. I went to Brinson to do my singing practice, but I wasn't feeling well enough.

I brought a sweater, but I really didn't need it. It was warm out. I wore my Paris shirt in memoriam to the Notre Dame fire.

I stopped at the bookstore to get a flash drive, but they only sell this one crappy brand, Centron, so I didn't buy one.

Class was fine...we have another assignment due on Thursday, which I didn't realize, so I started that while the professor told us about the assignment and other things. I got the basic part of it done.

After class, I went back to Reynolds and got another soda.  Trisha picked me up, with her husband in the back, and took me home. She looked at my flowers a little and they're doing well.

After I was sure I wasn't going to be sick again, I walked Brandy. Another beautiful Spring day.

I finished up my blog project that's due on Thursday.

I spent almost an hour and a half on the phone today with Dell Tech support. Mostly it was them remotely looking through my computer and trying to fix and update various things. My laptop wasn't recognizing anything plugged into the USB port on the right any more. They tried everything to get it to work, so apparently it's not a software issue. I didn't realize I had another USB port on the left side, though, so that's a relief. They ordered the part for it and a technician is going to install it at some point. I always pay for the 3 year on-site tech support when I buy a Dell. I've rarely had to use it, though.

Later on, David came by so we could go to dinner, but our neighbor was having trouble with his riding mower, so David got out of the car to go help him for a few minutes. It was too warm to sit in the car, and I didn't feel like going back inside the house. I didn't want to help because I wouldn't be much help, anyway! So I just took some up-close pics of the flowers in our front yard. After David helped him all he could, we went to Java Primo. I had brought my gluten testing NIMA, hoping that will help me not get sick (it's really hard to test for cross-contamination, though).  I ordered a bacon cheeseburger, no bun, with potato salad.  I had to test the burger, the bacon, and the salad, and they were all fine. It came with a Adobo sauce, but I didn't eat that part. Adobo usually has soy sauce in it, which has wheat, and the gluten detector won't work on soy sauce, or anything fermented. Anyway, it all came out fine. Tasted good, too.

I spent the last two evenings catching up a little on some of my superhero TV shows, and I stayed up way too late tonight watching the "Elseworlds" crossover episodes. They were great, though!

I cooked up some bacon and had bacon on lettuce with a little mayo (like a BLT with no tomato and no bread). I always save the bacon fat to give to the dog. I pour it over her dry food, and then she'll eat it.

  Wednesday 4/17/19

I woke up today around 10. I didn't feel like making much breakfast, so I just had some cold leftover bacon and a small piece of chocolate.

I got ready and David picked me up around 11:30. It had been raining earlier, so it was drizzly but not too cold.

David didn't have time to drop me off at Reynolds, so I walked from Overstreet. Not that it's very far. Looks like Touja, one of the ladies at Reynolds, it's pretty sick. I hope she's OK! She wasn't looking too good today.

After I got a soda, I went to Brinson and worked on my singing.  Then I went back to Reynolds to get a little more soda before my class.

My friend Beth called me to offer condolences about Laurie, which was very nice of her.

Our class was fun. The students had an interesting discussion before class. Sydney gave her speech about standardized testing, and then there was some more interesting discussion.

David took me home after that, and then I took Brandy for her walk again. I know, boring!!  The weather was pretty warm today.

As you may know, I have a desktop computer that I use in the bedroom, attached to the DISH Network box in there, via an old VCR. The special video card inside the computer, along with the software, grabs the closed-captioning from the daytime soaps, which I then put on my site. No one else does this any more but my site. In part, it's because the technology is very old, and because there are only 4 soaps left, and they have dwindling viewership. Anyway... it mostly works, but sometimes there's a glitch. I record the soaps on my DVR, and then I run the transcript from that. Well, sometimes the soaps don't air, for whatever reason. Then I have to try to get the show off the On Demand or from another channel (Y&R also runs on POP the next day). It used to work, but lately it hasn't, for some reason. I hate transcribing so I was fooling with it, trying to make it work, when I accidentally discovered something weird. If I put the TV on the DVR list, then the closed-captioning mysteriously shows up, for some reason! Hey, whatever works. That's a big relief.

I had a SLIGHTLY more nutritous lunch of two turkey sticks, a few Doritos and some chocolate. Almost done with the luscious Vosges chocolate I bought at the airport. I'll have a salad at dinner!

So, anyway, I have to keep the TV on the DVR list, or else it will go off after a few minutes. I had a lot of laundry to put away, so I did that, and played with the dog, while I watched the two missing episodes of "Days of Our Lives," to keep the TV on the DVR list and get my transcripts. It worked! The dog really enjoyed it, too. I don't always let her run around in the bedroom with me for very long. I actually wore her out, for a change.

After that, I had a little nap for about 10 minutes. I did some more work and then David came home. I made dinner for him. It was a pretty ordinary night.

I did more work on my site and watched TV. I ordered flowers to be delivered to the funeral, too. :(

I worked hard on my blog. I had one from a few weeks ago that I hadn't yet updated. I'm caught up on all of the TEXT of what has been going on, but I still need to proofread the past few months' blogs and put in the photos. (SIGH!)

I went to bed too late again, about 2:30am.  I was a bit itchy and had trouble sleeping. Brandy kept whining, too, which she doesn't usually do when we're trying to sleep. At that point, it was almost time for David to get up, anyway, so he let her come on the bed. "Little annoying pig" we call her, affectionately.

  Thursday 4/18/19

I got up at 7:30. I forgot I had to get up early because the garage door guy said he would be here at 8am.  Well, guess what? He didn't....he was over an hour late. I got up early for nothing.

I was very tired and tried to nap there for an hour, but it was too uncomfortable for my neck. I worked a little, and then I had breakfast: 4 sausages and a handful of GF granola.

At least he did fix the garage door....for good, I hope!

David came back around 10 to get Brandy. He took her to the vet's for kenneling. I will miss her, but it's only for a few days.

I got ready for school.  Trisha took me in as usual. I went to Brinson to warm up before my voice lesson, and then I had my lesson. It went well, aside from allergies and whatnot. It's always fun. My teacher is nice to chat with. We're about the same age and have similar interests.  Only one more lesson left!

I went to Reynolds after that to get a soda. Sondra was about to go to lunch (she usually eats earlier but she's covering for Touia, who's sick). Unfortunately, by the time she came out with her food, I only had about 5 minutes left to chat before I had to leave for my class. My stomach wasn't feeling very well, either, so I wasn't great company.

When I went over to Overstreet for my class, I was sick again (the usual, because of gluten). UGH.

My class was fine. We went over all of our Class Blog Critique posts.  This is my least favorite assignment, even though it's relatively easy. For one thing, he never lets us say negative things. Pointing out punctuation errors, for example, would make it much easier.  Still, I try to choose the students who are the best writers and have the fewest mistakes.  I feel bad, though, for people who aren't mentioned. It reminds me of Valentine's Day in elementary school, when some kids didn't get Valentines.  Or when kids are picked last for sports. I tried to mention as many as I could. I love when other people say nice things about me, of course! :) I think most of the students did get chosen by SOMEone, even though there are 16 of us in the class. I think people tend to choose their friends rather than who writes the best, which is fine. I think only one of the students didn't get chosen by anyone, because he writes so little. I mean, his blog posts are so short, he may not get the best grade.  Our professor grades very easily, but still, he requires at least 400 words for each assignment. Hopefully that kid will add more before the end of the semester, so he gets an OK grade. Although I don't mind people saying nice things about my posts, it's a little embarrassing as well.

I went over all of my assignments and fixed/changed a few things. I can't believe next week is the last class. Only one assignment left. At least we have two weeks to do it (it's not due until finals week).

David couldn't take me home until 3pm, so I went over to Bruce Hall and got food from Chick-Fil-A (which is stupid because they tend to have cross-contamination from gluten). I was very cold because it was rainy today, and all of the buildings are over-air-conditioned. I brought my light jacket today, but I was wearing pants that only go down to my knees, so my legs were cold.  I ate way too much food there.

Then I went to the library for a little while. I tried to work a little, but I was very tired. I probably napped for about 10 minutes, sitting there.  I woke up after that.  After not too long, David said he was ready to leave, a little early, so I went over to Reynolds to meet him.

He dropped me off at home. I was sad to be there without Brandy to greet me! I took a nap after that for a little while, but then the phone rang. The guy from Dyson wanted to come by. Yes! So I got dressed and waited.  He came by and looked at the dishwasher for awhile. He asked me questions that I couldn't answer, like, how long does it take for it to start leaking? and How long is the cycle? No clue, dude. Eventually he did it leaking. He said it was probably the seal, which is what the plumber said, so he has to order a new one that should be in next week. 

While he was here, it started pouring rain!  He had to go out to his truck to get something, so he could write down what kind of part was needed, so I loaned him my umbrella. It was still raining a little when he left, but not nearly as bad.

I did the laundry today, and I ran the dishwasher after the Dyson guy left. I just had to put some towels down in front of it.. I don't think I ever got back to my nap. I was very tired, though.

David came home at the usual time. We discussed which suitcase to take, and we packed. We're going to Little Rock tomorrow, very early.  He has a meeting there. He went to bed pretty early. I think the sun was still up. I didn't stay up too late myself. I think I went to bed around 10 or so.

  Friday 4/19/19

I got up around 5am. I just had to get dressed, have breakfast, take my pills, water my plants, and finish packing.  We left about 6:25.  The dawn was still breaking over the trees and horizon as we drove to Little Rock. It was very chilly.

We didn't stop at all and made pretty good time. I dozed a little on the ride there.

We're staying at the Marriott, which is downtown. I love the hotel. It's very comfortable, nice, and has great amenities, as well as a good location.  Even though it was only about 9am when we got there, they were able to find us a room. That was great.  We checked in and took our stuff upstairs. I went down to the Starbucks and got some coffee and snacks.  Then I came back up, and David left a little bit later to get to his meeting. I was getting tired again, despite the coffee, so I went back to sleep. I slept pretty well.

David called me a little bit later. He was having lunch with one of the people he works with, who was also here, so I went back to sleep.  Then I got up a little while later and got dressed. David came by around 1 and changed. We went to Dugan's, and I had my lunch there. They have a pretty good steak salad there. It has carmelized onions and blue cheese. I didn't eat the whole thing. The steak was a little underdone, to be honest.  I asked for medium rare, but it was more like rare. Too much pink! I should have asked them to take it back, but it was already sliced up and on the salad.

I went next door to the little store there. They have remodeled and reorganized everything. They used to have a deli there, but now it's just a store. They moved all the snacks over to the deli area, and the other part is all wine and beer. I bought some GF snacks they have there, that I like. I get the Milton's GF crackers there that are really good.

It's pretty cool out today. It's in the high 50's but very windy. I'm glad I brought my jacket, jeans, hat and scarf.

We went back to the hotel after that. He had a nap, and I did some work. I picked up this book they have that lists all the things to do here. It lists many restaurants and tells which ones have vegetarian and GF options. That is very useful.  I found they have a German place called Fassler Hall. Next door to that is a bowling alley that sometimes has karaoke.  I called Fassler, and they do have GF sausages, so we decided to go there for dinner.

I started getting ready around 6. I had to do my hair, put in my contacts, and put on makeup (because we're going to karaoke later).   David woke up around 6:30 and started getting ready.

We walked over to the German place, which is right across from the bus station (but it's a nice bus station, not seedy or anything).  The food was very good. I had the sausage plate, where you can choose three different types. They said that only the bratwurst and the cheddar brot was not GF (because they have beer in them). Too bad, I love bratwurst. I got something called Hunter sausage, which is venison, buffalo and pork sausage. It was pretty spicy. I also got lamb sausage, and falafel (not sure how that counts as sausage, but OK!). It was all ready good. It came with sauerkrat (which wasn't bad - not very sour), mustard and tzatziki sauce sauce. David got a chicken schnitzel sandwich.  It was all very good. We will definitely have to come back.

The only problem was the service was a little spotty. The people were very nice. They don't have table service, so you have to order at the bar. Kind of a weird setup.  The bartender and I had trouble hearing each other. I had ordered duck fries, but we never got them. I had asked him if we could just have a small or partial order, since we didn't want a huge amount, and he said all that we could do was just only eat a small amount and put the rest away. I said, "never mind," which I guess he took to mean that I didn't want them, but I did say that I wanted them, so that was a misunderstanding on his part. 

The place looked like it was trying to be Hofbrau House (a chain), but it doesn't quite have the same good service. I had ordered this gluten free beer, but it turns out it's just "crafted to remove gluten," which means it still has some and probably has wheat and barley, too, which I'm allergic to. It tasted OK, but I only drank a little. The waitress brought me some cider instead, which was just OK, and she took the beer off our check. It wasn't too expensive, either (although, since we were just in Chicago, anything might seem cheaper).

We went next door. It's a very small bowling alley - only 6 lanes, I think? They have private karaoke rooms, not regular karaoke. We might come back there sometime.

We walked over to the karaoke place, Damgoode Pies. It was almost 8pm by that time, which is when they start.  They had a lot of singers this time, though, so I only sung 2 songs. David wants to get an early start tomorrow, so we only stayed for two hours.  We had fun, but the crowd wasn't very good. They didn't applaud me all that much. Usually they're very good.  I know I sang well! :)  The KJ there is always very nice. I got some good recordings of it.  Sometimes you get a crowd like that.

We stopped at our hotel bar and had some snacks, then we came back to the room. David went to sleep, but I've been playing around and having fun. I'll probably go to bed soon because it's after 2am!  It's too bad we have to leave tomorrow. I wish we could have stayed another night.

I recorded my songs at the karaoke place and put them up on my singing sites after a tiny bit of editing.  Unfortunately, the only headphones I brought

I'm kind of mad at myself last night they had the induction ceremony for Alpha Chi, which I joined. Originally we were going to leave last night to come up here, so I couldn't go to the ceremony. I completely forgot. I though it was tonight. So I missed it, like a dummy. I really wanted to go, too. :(

I heard from my niece, Eliza, briefly today on Messenger. She thanked me for the flowers I sent to the funeral. Glad they liked them. Another thing I missed today, darn it. I wish we could have gone. They're going to have a memorial service in North Dakota in June. I don't think we're going to make that one, either.  We just have a lot going on this summer.

Happy Good Friday! Happy Passover!

  Saturday 4/20/19

David woke me up, I think it was about 9 or 10. We packed up our stuff and then went to breakfast. I had wanted to go across the street to the restaurant at the Capitol Hotel because we'd never eaten there before, and I read that they had GF bread.  However, when we went over there, they told us that they'd closed early for a private brunch.  They were very nice, though, and pointed us towards a place down the street, called @TheCorner.  It was very crowded, though, and there was a long line. We walked back to our hotel and ate there instead. We had eaten there at their breakfast buffet before, and it wasn't very good. Also, they didn't have GF bread. So we sat and ordered off the menu. Turns out that they now have GF bread. Not only that, they had TWO DIFFERENT KINDS! I'm not used to having choices. It was a good breakfast.

After that, we checked out and drove home. We stopped at a gas station at one point, and I got a soda. Otherwise, we went straight home. Too bad we couldn't have stayed another night and had a nice Easter brunch on Sunday!

I took a nap and then later, we went to Wal-Mart for our regular grocery shopping.

In the evening, we went to see "Sister Act" at SAU. They did a great job as usual. I sat closer so I could hear better because we usually sit towards the back, and then I can't always hear the dialogue or the words to the songs. It was a bit better.

It started at 7:30, so we got home pretty late, almost 11, I think.

It's 420 day! We do not partake, however. Nothing against those who do. We just never have. My husband is asthmatic, can't smoke or be around it. I just never saw the point of ANY kind of smoking. Put a burning stick in your mouth and inhale fould-smelling smoke? Uh, no thanks. I always hated that smell, too.

  Sunday 4/21/19

Happy Easter!

I slept in and David went to get lunch without me. I had a lot of work to do.

Later on, I made us a nice Easter dinner. Nothing too fancy! I bought a ham and baked it (it was already cooked, so really it was just a matter of warming it up). I warmed up some rolls for him that I'd bought. I had some microwave mashed cauliflower (it's really good, garlic-flavored and tastes like mashed potatoes) and some microwaved mixed veggies. I also made a salad.  For dessert, we had Easter chocolate. We sat at the regular dining table and used our nice dishes, so that was the only festive part, really. Well, I had flowers on the table.

I don't think we did anything else very interesting. I just worked on my site and unpacked, and cleaned up a little bit. I did the dishes.  We listened to music and watched TV. The usual.

My SIL sent us this photo of my MIL with all of her Easter gifts! We got her the box of candy and the Easter bunny.

I disabled the comments because of spam, but please do Contact me if you have a comment about the blog!

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