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  Monday 4/1/19

I woke up around 6:30 or so, when David awakened me. I asked him to do that when he left, but I set my alarm so I could sleep in another 20 minutes. Well, he returned to say that the garage door wasn't working, so he had to manually open and close it, but he couldn't lock it. So I had to get up and contact the garage door guy ASAP.  I texted him, and then I went to take a quick shower.  He still didn't reply, so I called him. Thankfully, he picked up.

I had breakfast (sausages), and then I put Brandy back into the bedroom while I waited for the garage door repair guy. In the meantime, I called the plumbers at Scott's to see if they could come over. Then I was waiting for both of them.  David was returning at 9, so we could go to Hot Springs, so I spent the rest of the time finishing up packing.

The garage door guy came, and the garage door was working. He tested it out and couldn't find anything wrong with it (How annoying!).  He showed me how to lock it, in case that ever happens again. It's an old garage door system, probably from when the house was originally built, 30 years ago. So who knows...

The plumber came after that. As he was working, I went back to brush my teeth and do some more packing.  He said it seemed to be working fine from the plumbing point of view. The seal is leaking, but they don't fix that. I'll have to call Dyson for that.

At least neither one of them charged me for coming out today! And they were done before 9. Whew!

I watered both my indoor and outdoor plants before we left.  Brandy was very excited once she was let out again, and having David return, and all of the moving suitcases etc. made her really hyper.

We put her in the car, and we drove her over to the vet's office for kenneling before we went out of town.  There was a little white dog that whined the whole time I was at the counter to check her in. Brandy just wanted to sniff this one guy's shoes because they had lots of dogs at home.

Then we went to Hot Springs. It's a little over 2 hours' drive. We stopped on the way at a rest stop, so I got a soda. We stopped for lunch just near Hot Springs at Cafe 1217. We went there last time. It's a little gourmet-deli type of place with burgers, salads, sandwiches etc. They have a big deli case out front with lots of salads and some other pre-made stuff, and also lots of desserts.  Most of their food is gluten free. I was in the mood for something healthy, so I had their salad sampler. You choose 3-4 salads from the case and they give you a big scoop of them. I had the broccoli salad, the asparagus salad, and brussels sprouts that had some kind of sweet/spicy sauce.  They also added Ceasar salad. It was all very good and came with a little garlic toast.  I ate most of it, and David helped. He also had a sandwich. They have 3-4 GF cookies as well. I got two of the carrot cake cookies. They were pretty good. I love this place. I sure wish we lived near there.

We stayed at the Arlington, like we have before. It was the cheaper place downtown. They still haven't renovated it, so the rooms are very old. I read that the place was built in the 1920's!  It was very cold, and the heat doesn't work. Also, there are not enough plugs to plug in all of our electronics.  The bed was nice and comfy. I went to sleep until about 5:30. David came back from his meeting not too long after that.  I put the heat on again, hoping it would warm up while we went out to dinner.  I found a nearby Italian place that has GF selections. It was literally just down the street. Called Angels in the Park.  It was a fairly dark place and didn't have a lot of customers on a Monday.  They place nice music in the background, not too loud. Our waitress was a bit chatty but nice. David was cold, but I wasn't.  The food was pretty good.  I didn't get an appetizer because nothing on the list sounded good, and I already had a lot of salad earlier. I got the veal piccatta, which comes with angel hair pasta. The veal was OK (a little over-cooked), but the pasta was fantastic. I don't think I've ever had GF pasta as good as that.  Maybe at this one fancy Italian place we used to go to in Waikiki, Il Lupino, but that's about it.  I had wine as well. We weren't going to stay for dessert, but they had a flourless chocolate cake, so I got it to go.  They also gave us two HUGE strawberries, dipped in very thick chocolate. Decadent!!

We went back to our hotel and had a few drinks in the lounge. We went to the room early, before 9pm. I did a lot of work and stayed up until about 3am. David went to bed pretty quickly.

This is a song that I really love (because of this movie).

  Tuesday 4/2/19

We woke up about 5am, so I was pretty tired. I got right up, though. I was hoping to have breakfast, but the restaurant downstairs doesn't open until 7. I went downstairs to get change for a ten, so we could leave a tip. I was SO tired. The desk clerk was also tired because it was his first day, and he wasn't used to the night shift! He said he had hallucinated a bit! LOL!

On the way back, I forgot which room we were in. I thought it was 512, or 514, something like that. When I got off the elevator, I remembered that our room was fairly near it, but those rooms were not, so it further confused me. I tried my key, but I tried to do it quietly so as not to wake anyone.  I tried calling David, but his phone was turned off. Finally, I called downstairs and they told me which room we were in. I was almost right, it was 541! I felt so stupid...I've had many recurring nightmares like this, where I'm wondering around a hotel, searching for my room. UGH!  I ate "breakfast". I 'd bought some GF granola, so I had some of that.

Anyway, after that, we finished packing up our stuff and went downstairs about 6:25. I went to the coffee shop, which was supposed to open at 6:30 (and it was after 6:30 by that time), but no one was there. I chatted with a man that was also there, hoping to get some coffee. David checked us out and then came by to say that we had to leave, so I went to the front desk to retrieve my luggage. They gave me a free bottled water there, but it wasn't cold. Ah, well.

I was more or less awake by this time, but I did fall asleep a little on the way.  We stopped in Prescott at the truck stop, so I got a soda, at least.

He didn't have time to take me home. We went straight to SAU.  It was about 3 1/2 hours before my class! :( He took my laptop in to his office so I could take it home later. I had my backpack etc. as per usual. I went to the Chick-Fil-A in Bruce to have more of a real breakfast. I had 2 sausage patties with cheese (no biscuit). They don't have eggs there, but their sausage is really good. I had tested it before with my NIMA and it was GF. Of course, it could still have cross contamination, but I didn't have much choice. I had a few of their "hash browns" as well (tater tots). I got another soda, too, so I went over to the library to kill time.

I tried to work on my speech for class, which was due Monday, but he let me push it back to Wednesday. I was very tired, though, so I kept falling asleep. I sit on a very comfortable couch, facing a big picture window (and a huge oak tree outside the window), so at least no one can see me fall asleep.

Around 11, I went to Reynolds to have lunch with the lunch ladies. Sondra is out sick, and Mary was not around, for some reason, so it was just me and Carla. We had a nice chat, mostly about traveling, and Mexico.  A couple of people we know there went to Napal this week and had been posting photos on Facebook, so I was showing her the photos. She's on Facebook but doesn't go there very often.

Brandyn, who's in my speech class, walked by and told me that yesterday's class didn't last very long because the professor was too cold, so all of our speeches were pushed back to tomorrow. Allrighty then...

I was sick a bit today from something I ate with gluten. Probably from Wendy's on the weekend.

I went to class. The professor explained that we weren't staying the whole time because he had some meetings to go to. After class, I said that I might be ready for tomorrow's speech. He said it was fine if I wait until Monday. Yes!!  That's great, gives me the whole weekend.

I went over to Reynolds and got more soda. I was very tired. I chatted with Touija, who works there at the coffee place, as I waited for Trisha to pick me up.  Funny because Touija's middle name is Juan, for some reason, and her brother's name is Marlon, so she's had a lot of trouble with people know how to spell/pronounce her name, and also not knowing whether she's male or female, or if she's white or not (on paper, mostly). That's pretty funny. We had a nice chat about names.

Trisha took me home. I gave her some stuff that I didn't need/want and that I had discussed with her. We had a nice chat, too.

I was very tired when I got home, but I wasn't yet sleepy. I had lunch. A little while later, I went to sleep, about 3pm. I slept for 2 1/2 hours. I got up and got dressed. David came home, and we went to El Compadre. I had a soda and watched him eat.

I've been very itchy the past two days. I only had a tiny bit of Aspercreme left (it has lidocaine in it, which is used for itching after surgery, etc.) to put on my back. Before David got home, I didn't have access to a lot of my stuff, that was still in suitcases in the car. I took a Benadryl because the itching was driving me crazy.  Later, I took one of my allergy pills and put my hair up, then I put the last of the Aspercreme on my back. It helps a little, but it's in the blood as well as the skin (from allergies), so the topical stuff only helps a little. UGH. It's definitely worse in the spring.

It's been a little chilly. It was 32 degrees this morning, but then it jumped up over 30 degrees. Our house is always a bit cold.

We're leaving Brandy in the kennel until next week because we're going to Chicago this weekend and for half of next week. We didn't think it would be right to have her come home just for a few days. I really miss her, but it's also kind of nice not having her following me around all the time! :)

My site has been moving (very slowly) to tvmeg.com  I always need more help! So please email me if you want to help out. Are you bored? Do you have a few hours per week? I could use your help. If you love the show "Arrow," you can help us update the new site.

  Wednesday 4/3/19

David woke me up again before 7 because the garage door wasn't working once again. I phoned the repair guy and he came over. He got it working. He still doesn't know what's causing it. He adjusted the sensor sensitivity, so we all hope that fixes it. It's maddening!

By the time he left, I was hungry, so I had breakfast. I might go back to sleep...haven't decided yet.

We're all so sick of the terrible Spring allergies....lots of sneezing and itching.

I was so busy this month that I left off here and didn't pick it up again until next week. I'm attempting to add info that I can remember and whatever I can pick up from social media.

I stayed up late finishing my latest blog post for my Mass Media Criticism page. This one is about International Media. He gives us very broad range in what we can do. I did mine on "Doctor Who!"  I put a ton of work into it, so I hope you can check it out.

  Thursday 4/4/19

I had my voice lesson, and my class, but I really don't remember much of it. I know that I did get there early enough to warm up my voice, so my lesson went well. We went over our blogs in class.

It looks like I'm going to be taking physics next Fall....it's "Physics in Society," a basic course for non-Physics majors. I hope it's not too hard! I wanted to take Geology, but they stopped offering it. It's one of only two non-major course they want me to take.

  Friday 4/5/19

Normally, I have today off, but we're driving to Texarkana right after David's done with work at 5, so I brought me in around 2:30, with all of our luggage, so we don't have to stop at home. I had my computer, and I got soda, so I was fine.

I had lots of sleep and was able to sleep in, so I was wide awake for a change.

There was some road construction in Lewisville, which kept us sitting there for a while. That was annoying!

We stayed at the Rodeway Inn, which is cheap. They've spruced it up a bit. They were closed for a while, so I guess that's what they were doing - renovating. However, they used to have a pool, but they filled in it and now it's dirt. There's still a fence around it, though, so you can tell it used to be a pool. It's kidney-shaped! They should plant something there.  They used to have a free breakfast, and they used to sell water and snacks at the front desk, but not any more. Ah, well. There's a little store nearby as well as a Burger King.

We went to the Hooter's for dinner as we usually do when we go to Texarkana. It's right next to the hotel. I love their shrimp spinach salad, usually, but it didn't taste very good tonight. The shrimp didn't taste all that great. I hope it wasn't bad.  David wasn't very happy about his chicken wings, either.  I hope that's a temporary problem.

I went to Burger King for more food because the salad was so yucky. I just ate some of the burger and fries, and saved the rest for breakfast (we had a fridge, at least). I got some waters as well. I should have brought some from home, but I forgot.

I did work on my computer for a little while before bed. The room is quite clean and comfortable, especially for a cheap place. My stomach wasn't feeling well all evening. I hope it's not from bad shrimp!

  Saturday 4/6/19

We got up really early, like 4am. It was very dark out! I had leftover Burger King for breakfast.  We drove to the airport. The security check line is usually pretty easy, but for some reason, they asked us to take out snacks (not the liquid kind) and books. That was weird! 

I listened to my iPod and slept a lot on both flights. 

We didn't have much time at the Dallas airport, unfortunately. I just grabbed a water at a store.

On our flight, the flight attendant had an unusual accent. He reminded me quite a bit of Jack's new husband on "Will & Grace" (although he didn't sound gay or weird, comedic). I believe the character is a flight attendant, too!

When we flew on our plane, I slept quite a lot and had weird dreams about vampires. After I woke up, I wrote it up as a story. I did this on my phone, which is a first for me. It took me a while, but I finally figured out an ending (I didn't really have one in the dream).  Then I looked for a place to send it, to be published, and I sent it there. I don't know if it'll be published or not, but it was just fun to write it up and send it in! I don't normally write creative fiction any more. This was a very detailed dream. Maybe I will rewrite it better someday if it doesn't get published. We'll see!

When we got to Chicago, it seemed nice, but the phone said it's 57 degrees. It felt warmer to me.

David realized that he had time to go to the baseball game (he had planned to go to the basketball game later but did this instead), so he and I checked in the room very quickly (luckily, even though it was really early, they let us check in), and he went off to the game. I was very tired and just wanted to get food and take a nap. We stayed at the same hotel as last year, the Wyndham, which is really nice. The restaurant downstairs only does room service until noon, for some weird reason. I didn't feel like going down there, so I looked online for a delivery place. Now, Chicago has a TON of delivery places, but the problem is finding one nearby, that delivers to where we were staying, and has gluten free food. I did quite a bit of research. I found a place that has crepes, including GF, so I ordered from there. Unfortunately, something went wrong with the delivery service (I didn't know that they have multiple ones, so I just used the suggested one on their page). I waited a few hours and it never came. I called them, and the crepes place was very apologetic. The delivery service, EatStreets, was not working, for some reason. They gave me a refund. I ended up just going downstairs to get food. I got a burger, and it was very good, although really expensive. It only took 3 hours! :(

After that, I took a long nap. I had trouble sleeping at first because we were right near the elevators, so it was noisy. Eventually, I did sleep well.

Funny thing about the TV's here. Their first channel is a fake fireplace fire. Not only in the rooms, but in the bar during the day.  And it's not even cold out, so that makes it even more strange. Of course, you never know what kind of weather you'll get here. Last year, we were here at the same time, and it was snowing!

They're working on the elevators here, so some of them are out of order, and so we did a lot of waiting for elevators. There were some old ones with regular buttons, and some new ones that also had a tough screen type.

After the game, David took a ride over to where the state line is (between Illinois and Indiana). They have a wings place there. He took pics of the state line.  He had fun at his game and going there.

When David came back, we went downstairs and just had some snacks. I had a caramel salted martini, which was pretty good.  I also ordered their cheese board, which was way too big. It came with grapes and other stuff, too.

I stayed up late binge-watching "The Act" on HULU. Very good show.

  Sunday 4/7/19

I slept in and watched some TV on my laptop. David came by for lunch, so we went to D4, which is a good Risih pub that we went to before. It has good food, and they mark everything that's GF. I had the brisket nachos, which were way too big! I took the leftovers back to the room for later. We had a fridge in our room again.

After that, I went back to the room for another nap.  David went to his conference.

I looked over songs I know and figured out which ones I wanted to sing later. I tried to learn some that I wasn't too sure of.

Later one, I took a shower and got dressed for our big night out. First we went to the Bellemore, a fancy restaurant that we love. We really enjoyed ourselves, but the portions were a little smaller than last time. The wine and food were great, though. They do the GF thing very well, too.

After that, we headed over to do karaoke with our friends Alma and Steve at the bar called Shakers on Clark. We had fun. It was a little more crowded than last time. We only stayed a few hours because David had to get up really early the next day for his conference.

Of course, he went to bed, and I was up pretty late because singing always keeps me awake for a long time.

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