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  Monday 3/25/19

This whole week it's been tough to get up for school....I got the post-Spring Break blues! :)

David picked me up about 12:30 for my class at 1. I got my soda at Reynolds as usual. I was very tired all day.  Class got out early, around 2.

Oh, as I walked in Reynolds, a girl said hi to me. She is someone I know only on Instagram! She had mentioned seeing me before but didn't say hi. I'm glad she finally did! That was funny.

Trisha picked me up, with her son Tucker, and we went over to Wal-Mart to get more plants. They helped me pick them out and take them back to the house. She watered all the plants but isn't planting the new ones yet, so they're sitting out front in their containers still. I got a couple of indoor plants, and one that hangs out back, too.

I bought these little cookies that are GF and low carb. They're so delicious!

I watched the new Alison Sweeney movie, "Chronicles: Recovered," on Hallmark. It's very good. Much better than most of these types of movies. Good mystery.

Our front porch is covered in yellow pollen! Yuck.

I had to order a new vacuum cleaner...the other one died and I've had it fixed a few times already. It was 3 years old, so I got a new one on Amazon. It's the updated version, but it costs less, so that's cool.  The older one was a Hoover WindTunnel 2 and the second one is a Hoover WindTunnel 3. One of these days, I'm going to buy one of those Dyson type that are supposed to be so great. They cost between $300 and $500.

I also got a new rug for the guest bathroom (the one my husband uses). The old one was faded and never fit right. I had to always fold it to make it fit in the small area between the bathtub and where the door opens to. This is like the one I have in my bathroom, which is super absorbent. Funny how small things can give us enormous pleasure! :)

I spent a lot of time working on my site this afternoon, and I finished unpacking. I also finally moved everything back to where it's supposed to be, except for the music room which I rarely get around to.

We went to El Compadre so David could have dinner...

  Tuesday 3/26/19

I called the plumbers again because they never came, or called me back, about my leaking dishwasher. The woman I spoke with today said that they have people out with the flu, but she would check and call me back.

I was very tired this morning, but I somehow managed to get up and get ready. Trisha came to get me. While I was in class, she planted all of the flowers and watered them! They look very nice.

I had lunch with the ladies as usual. We always have interesting conversations.

I spent most of the time before and during class working on my blog post that's due on Thursday.

I'm still eating more sugar than I should. I had a small chocolate shake today at Chick-Fil-A, which is a bad idea. UGH.

David took me home around 3pm. We stopped on the way to pick up Brandy from the Vet's. She was very glad to be home. We had our walk and then a nap.

Later on, David and I went back to the university for a faculty recital. My voice teacher was in it, as well as some other voice and piano faculty. It was a lot of fun and sounded great. It was only 45 minutes long, though.

I stayed up too late to watch some TV...

  Wednesday 3/27/19

I was very tired all morning and my stomach didn't feel well, so I didn't go to class. I was sick later on from something I ate with gluten. UGH.  Anyway, I didn't get up until about 11:30. My class is at 1, but I didn't have a ride at that point. I can't call Trisha last minute because she lives too far away. David had a meeting so he said he would have to pick me up at 11:30. So it was too late. Oh, well. I wasn't feeling well, anyway.

I watched a movie online and did a little work, but mostly I haven't done too much because of being tired and not feeling well. I walked Brandy about 4pm.

I called Domino's for dinner for us...

Brandy has been very needy all day. She keeps coming up and wanting hugs and to play. Poor little dog.

I really haven't had the energy to do much today.

I've done a terrible job of keeping up on the blog this week, but then again...not a lot was happening! :)

Allergies are still really bad, with lots of itching, so I'm trying to force myself to remember to take the Flonase, and to take the night time allergy medicine twice. I have to wait 6 hours between doses, so I have to remember to take it in the early evening and then again before I go to bed.

I've mentioned this before...one of our neighbors has a little old black dog, and they let it run around the neighborhood. We've come close to running it over accidentally twice. The little dog is scared of everything, but dogs are stupid, so that doesn't mean it will necessarily run away from cars or other dangers. Not to mention, dogs will eat almost anything, even stuff that's not good for them.

I called the plumber again today, and they still don't know when they can come by to look at my dishwasher. :(

We have some traveling coming up... Monday we're going to Hot Springs for the night. He has a meeting in the afternoon.  Then we're going to be gone at the end of the week, for almost a week. We're flying to Chicago like we did last year, for a conference. It probably won't snow this time, though.

I stayed up until almost 3am, watching TV.

  Thursday 3/28/19

My right neck/shoulder has been hurting all day and part of last night. I've been tired all day, too. I'll probably go to bed early.

I woke up around 8:40 and took a shower. Then I had breakfast (leftover pizza) and put Brandy in the bedroom. David came to get me around 10am.

He dropped me off at Reynolds, where I got my usual soda. I was still sleepy, but I went to Brinson and forced myself to warm up my voice. That did work. I was kind of hot, though, because it's warm out today, and I think the Brinson building still has the heat on. The allergies also made it difficult. My voice is kind of hoarse now.

I had my voice lessons at 11:30 and it went fine, despite my hoarseness. I got another soda at Reynolds and then went over to Overstreet. I was a little sick from something I ate (probably Domino's).

Class was fine. We went over our blog posts about social media in class, so that was fun. The other students came up with some good ideas.

Trisha picked me up, and we got my prescriptions from the pharmacy. She took me home, and we had a nice chat. I walked Brandy after I changed.  Then I had lunch. I was very drowsy and had a really short nap, like 10 or 15 minutes. I took a muscle relaxer because of my aches and pains. My right shoulder still hurts, though. I think it's from using my phone too much.

David and I are going to Java Primo. I'll watch him eat dinner. I had lunch before that, then dinner later on. I really need to do the laundry and dishes, but I think I'll do that tomorrow. I'm too tired!

Later on, I made a yummy pie. I had some GF, low carb peanut butter cookies that I'd made. They were a bit too dry and crumbly, so I crushed them up and made them into a pie crust with this No Bake Pie Crust. Of course, I used Splenda instead of sugar. I had some sugar free white chocolate pudding, so I made that, and then later, I put it in the pie crust. It tastes really awesome.

I chatted a little with my friend Kathy online. Her family went to Puerto Vallarta for a little vacation. Sounds great!

  Friday 3/29/19

I spent a lot of the weekend watching some DVD's and getting caught up on those (I had to write reviews for my site).

I really wanted to sleep in today, but our garage door stopped working again. We just had it fixed! Poor David couldn't get the car out at all.  He had to get a ride in from someone. I texted the garage door repair guy about 7, so he came out a few hours later. He was able to open the door and get the car out. A spring on the door was broken. He said it's probably the original garage door mechanism from when the house was built (which is 30 years ago). He said that he could get a new spring back at his shop, but he couldn't come back until tomorrow to put it in. Poor Brandy had to spend a few hours in the bedroom by herself.

I never did go back to sleep. I had a very productive day. Did a lot of work on my site and learned some new things in Wordpress. I did the laundry and dishes, and some other stuff. I took Brandy for her walk around noon. I think I took her for another walk later on, too.

I bought these keto wraps and they're not bad. Although they're made from coconut, they don't have a strong coconut taste. I put some eggs, sausage and cheese in them for a yummy breakfast burrito.

  Saturday 3/30/19

The plumber from Scott plumbing called us at 6:45am! I can't believe it! I didn't get to the phone in time, so I went back to sleep. Some nerve.  I called him back and he said someone would be out around 11. Guess what - they never showed up! Grrr! I called, but they didn't answer, since it's Saturday.

David went to get his hair cut, and he brought me Wendy's for lunch.

We got our tax forms back today, and we only got half the refund we usually get, thanks to the new tax laws.  We always use our tax refund to pay for our summer traveling, so we probably won't go to Vegas this summer like we usually do.

Later on, we went to this special donors dinner at SAU.  The food was pretty good. I had salmon, with a good sauce, and they had a salad, and rice, and veggies, and a delicious Crème Brûlée for dessert. We sat with some other people from the university, and one retired guy, and some other people I didn't know. I had a good talk with the guy next to me, who does social media for the college. He also was taking all of our photos before the dinner, and he had his camera, which I got to talk to him about. Nice guy.

They gave speeches and recognized people who donated money, and there was a lot of applause. It was fun. We got to talk to some other professors that we knew, too. It was fun to dress up a little for a change. I wore a long black skirt and this velvety, black long sleeve shirt, with black shoes, but I also wore a turquoise-colored necklace for a little color. I bought it in Honolulu, at the airport, just before we left, and this is the first time I wore it.  Oh, and we got a new commemorative coaster for donating.

We listened to music from Sirius XM as usual (Casey Kasem). After David went to bed, I believe I just watched TV and worked on my site.

  Sunday 3/31/19

David woke me up, and we were going to this fairly new Mexican restaurant in the Square.  There was nothing there safe for me to eat, so I just had a soda while David ate.  The service was very slow, so we probably won't come back.

We went to Wal-Mart as usual for our grocery shopping. I was looking for some snacks for our upcoming trips, so I was very pleased with what I found. Old Wisconsin Turkey sticks are very good, and I usually order them online, but they had them. They also had the Tate GF chocolate chip cookies, which I normally can only find at Whole Foods. They put them in with the regular cookies, rather than in their GF section.

When we got home, I just had an open-face turkey sandwich on GF bread.

I spent a lot of time today working on my site as well as getting ready for our little trip tomorrow to Hot Springs. I did the dishes, laundry etc. and packed a bit.

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