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  Monday 3/18/19

I slept in late until about 12:30 or so. Apparently the Clawsons came to do the lawn, but I didn't hear them. Brandy did bark and woke me up, but I figured he was just barking at the mail carrier. I didn't know they were coming in the morning, and they didn't call me. Oh, well. They mowed and weeded the front, but they couldn't get to the back, so they'll have to come back to do that. Darn it.

After I got up, I had more leftover barbecue for breakfast, and then I started straightening up the house. The pest control guy was supposed to come by between 1 and 3, but he often shows up early. The place is a real mess. We're having it cleaned tomorrow, but I at least wanted to straighten up and do the dishes. I managed to straighten everything up before he came. It wasn't the usual guy, but some other guy. Michael is on vacation.

Brandy was chained up in the bedroom, but she almost choked herself trying to get to this other guy, and she barked her head off. Annoying dog! I told him to just ignore her, but it didn't seem to do too much good. Well, at least she didn't pee on the floor! I put most of the clothes away, and then I took Brandy for her walk after he left.

It was a beautiful day out, warm and nice. I think it was in the high 60's. There were more trees and flowers blooming. We both enjoyed the walk. When we got back, it was hot, and I put on the A/C for a little while.

I was getting sleepy, but then I realized that I never really had lunch, so my blood sugar was low again. It was in the 70's, so I thawed out a piece of the leftover GF pie and had a small piece, with whipped cream. I had some chocolate, too. David brought home McDonald's, so I had some cheeseburgers as well (no bread, of course). Later on, I had the rest of the last bit of BBQ.

I got a letter in Soap Opera Digest again, so that's fun...they had asked who our favorite super couples are.

I got the house ready for cleaning tomorrow, and I watched some TV.

  Tuesday 3/19/19

It's been a very busy week! I barely had time to do anything.

I got up around 8 so I could finish getting the house ready for cleaning. Brandy and I went into the bedroom before Yolanda arrived with her granddaughter. I put on the TV cartoon channels for her. I dozed off for a little bit in the bedroom. Trisha called to let me know she was here, so I got up and got dressed, and quickly got the bedroom and back bathroom ready for Yolanda as well as got the room Brandy-proof.

Trisha and I went over to Wal-Mart, where I got some more plants and flowers.  We came back and she helped me with a few things, like putting the cover back on the fountain in the back (luckily, there was no water in it, since we haven't had much rain lately). She brought some wire from home so we could put it around the front of the fountain (to keep Brandy from drinking out of it when it does rain). I also cut off a few of the big fans from the palm tree there.

Trisha helped me with the two Christmas-like trees I have out on the front porch. We took the red ribbons off and put nice Spring-looking wrapping paper around the bottom of it, and wrapped a little bow, to make it look pretty. She then planted a bunch of the flowers out front. We need more, though. She also planted some bulbs and seeds that she'd brought from home.

I think I went back to sleep after paying her. Later on, I walked Brandy. It was very nice weather. She was happy to greet the kids that were all home, out of school.

The dishwasher is leaking again! So annoying...

I finally cooked up the corned beef and cabbage I bought on the weekend. I cooked it kind of late so it was fine for me for dinner, but David preferred to go out as he usually does.... we went to El Compadre.

I made some GF peanut butter cookies. They came out pretty good.

I stayed up too late and had a really tough time sleeping because I just did too much and it hurts my spine (which affects my neck/shoulders). I kept waking up in pain.

  Wednesday 3/20/19

I slept very late.

Happy Birthday to my brother-in-law Joe! He reached a milestone...

Today is officially Spring!

It's a sad day. An old friend of ours, Jamie, died of a heart attack. It's very sad. We were not close friends, but we knew each other for over 35 years. He was a very nice person and always helped me or anyone else who needed computer help. He was really smart and compassionate. He loved cats and science. He and his girlfriend Karen had a long-distance relationship and seemed really sweet together. It's really a shame. We had only seen him a few times since the 80's.  He came to our karaoke nights twice, even though he really didn't like the noise and the crowds (he was an introvert). He just came to see us. Such a nice guy.

I made some more keto buns. They taste great with the leftover corned beef, and melted cheese.

The Clawsons came back today and finished the lawn in the back. It looks way better.

We have a little Meyer lemon tree in our backyard. I had planted one out there, but it died. Apparently it dropped seeds, so now there's a new one sprouting up! Yay!

I did the laundry and other stuff...I had a phone interview and that went well.

I called Scott Plumbing, and they're supposed to come over and look at the dishwasher again. They haven't shown up yet, though

  Thursday 3/21/19

I think I got up around 10. David picked up Brandy around 9 and took her in to the vet for kenneling.

I had to pack and do some other things around the house. I had to water the plants out front that Trisha planted. We need a house. I thought we had one, but apparently the nozzle is broken off. I had to keep filling a big bowl with water and bringing it outside to dump on the flowers and plants.  We do have a faucet out there, but there are a ton of weeds in front of it. I didn't feel like stepping into those to get to the faucet.

David came home around 2:40. We drove to Shreveport for a few days, for a little vacation.  We stayed at Boomtown, which was one of the cheaper casino hotels, but it has very nice rooms. We even had a Jacuzzi in the room (although we never used it). It was a big room. The bathroom had a phone by the toilet.

After we checked in, we took Lyft over to this seafood restaurant that one of David's colleagues had recommended called Ernest Orleans. It was kind of a fancy place, and we didn't know that, so we were a little under-dressed. They welcomed us at the door. It was fairly early in the evening, though, so I don't think anyone cared that we weren't dressed up. The food was fantastic! David had Gumbo for his starter. It was literally on fire when he got it! They doused the flame as soon as it was warmed up.

The Lyft driver had recommended the crawfish Étouffée. He was from New Orleans and said it was the best he'd ever had. It wasn't on the menu, but they made it up for David anyway. It was a huge plate, and he couldn't finish it all, as much as he wanted to. I had a salad, called a Special Special Salad. It was huge, too, and I didn't finish it because I had also ordered an entree. It was a regular salad but it had a ton of lump crab meat and shrimp in it. I had the Snapper Lacaze, which is snapper with a delicious garlic butter sauce. The fish was really good, too. It came with asparagus and a broiled spicy peach. I couldn't finish it, either, but I ate most of it. It was also really good. We will definitely come back there. We had very good wine as well. It's not a cheap place, though.

After that, we went over to Margaritaville to play for a little bit. We stopped at the 5 O'Clock Somewhere bar. I had an apple pie-like drink. It was interesting but a little too hot for my throat. It's made from Fireball whiskey and was just too spicy.  We went to Jimmy's and sat at the bar. I had more wine and crème brûlée. It was very good. Then we took Lyft back to our hotel. There was a beautiful harvest moon. I tried to take a photo of it, but it didn't really come out well.

We played a bit more and sat at the bar there for awhile. I had more wine. They only had chardonnay, so I had that. It was interesting.

We went back to the room and it was only about 10. I stayed up for just a little while and then went to bed.

  Friday 3/22/19

We didn't win much here...it's not as good as Vegas. We had fun, anyway, though. I think Shreveport is kind of like a little taste of Vegas, mixed with a little taste of New Orleans. It's kind of funny, in a way, because we're only half an hour from Louisiana, where we live. Yet when you cross that border, it's very different. They just really embrace their whole Cajun-like heritage, no matter what part of Louisiana you're in. Even though they're nowhere near New Orleans. You see a lot more liquor being sold, and slot machines etc. It's just very different from Arkansas. Yet they are very religious there, just as much so as here.  Even in the grocery stores there it's very different. It's hard to explain unless you see it.

I had a pretty good night's sleep. My allergies have been really bad, though. I was a little sick from something I ate earlier in the week, but not too bad. After I woke up, I had a migraine. I only get the ones with the aura about once or twice a year at most. I was doing some work on the computer while David was out doing his morning walk, and all of a sudden, I was going blind. What happens is that splotches come up in my vision, kind of like there's something on my glasses or in my eye.  Then I got the headache, but it was a fairly mild one (for a migraine). It's brought on, in part, by the spring allergies. I had sinus pain as well. I took some Aleve and that pretty much took care of it in about a half hour.

We took Lyft over to the Eldorado casino, which is next to Sam's Town (where we stayed last time), but it's the nicer of the two. We played there a little, and then we walked down the street to this restaurant/bar we had stopped at before called the Blind Tiger. It was another sort of Cajun place, but cheaper. The food was very good, though. I just had a blackened chicken pecan salad. The thing is, though, the guy didn't tell me that the spicy ranch dressing had a lot or horseradish in it. I don't mind the spiciness, but I don't like horseradish. It has a very strong, bitter taste. I ate most of it, but I wasn't too pleased about that.

After we walked back to the casino, we took Lyft over to the Cinemark movie theater to see "Captain Marvel."  They have a bar there and a wide variety of food. It's not as good as the Alamo Drafthouse theaters they have in Texas, where they bring the food and drink to your seat. Anyway, they did have really nice reclining wide seats. They were super comfy. I really enjoyed the movie, too. It wasn't as good as Black Panther, but it was better than Wonder Woman and Aquaman. I liked both of those, too, but they had some real flaws. I mean, you never want to think TOO hard about a superhero movie, but I thought Captain Marvel was fairly well done. There wasn't any part where I was bored, or thinking, "Oh, no, not another fight scene," or getting confused about the plot not making sense.


 I liked that it was fairly feminist, although they did kind of hammer that point home a bit. Also, it was the first superhero movie, I think, where the hero had no love interest.  That was kind of nice. The thing I didn't like about Wonder Woman, besides some plot stuff, was that they killed off Steve Trevor! Although I think they are bringing him back for the sequel, so that's good. 

The only small thing I thought that was dumb was having Jude Law play her mentor. I've only seen him in ONE movie/series where he played a good guy (the Sherlock Holmes movies).  He almost always plays a bad guy. He just has that look. As soon as I saw him, I thought, Oh, he's going to turn out to be a bad guy.


I was a little mad at myself for forgetting to wear my Wonder Woman T shirt to the movie! I didn't realize that we wouldn't be coming back to the room before the movie.

Also, I guess the movie has been out too long because there was no poster for it anywhere in the theater (at least that I could find).

I enjoyed most of the trailers, especially those for the new Spider-Man and X-Men movies, and one called "Late Night" with Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling.  The "Frozen 2" trailer was OK. It seemed geared at action-loving adults more than kids. I didn't see the snowman or reindeer anywhere.  There was a trailer for some movie called "UglyDolls." Seems like they stole the idea for that one from the Island of Misfit Toys! :)

When I got out of the movie, my blood sugar felt very low, so I bought some candy at the concession stand, and some water. They have Peeps now with chocolate and coconut. Very yummy!

We took the Lyft back to our room to dump our stuff and so David could grab his jacket. We played a little at our hotel, then we went back to Eldorado and played there a bit. Then we had dinner there at the steak restaurant called The Vintage. We'd eaten there before and it's pretty good. The waiter was this very tall man that had a really deep voice, like he should be doing voiceovers. He sounded like James Earl Jones or someone like that.

I had the seabass, which was very good. It usually comes with risotto with andouille sausage, but I guess that wasn't GF, so they gave me sautéed spinach instead. I wasn't keen on the spinach. It was over-sautéed. There were some green beans as well that were delicious, but not too many of them.

I had a really big dessert, which I shouldn't have, but man, it was great! Not just crème brûlée but also came with berries in a compote, and a little mountain of whipped cream.

After that, we walked down to these pubs we like...one of them sometimes has karaoke, but not when we were there tonight. Unfortunately! The other one, Fatty Arbuckle's, is OK. I should know better by now than to try any of their specialty drinks because they're always too strong and don't taste that great. I got one they called a grape slush, something like that, and it wasn't very sweet, and didn't taste like grape! I should have just stuck to my soda.

We headed back to Boomtown after that and just played a little while...then stopped again at the bar. A band was playing.  Our bartender (same one as last night) was wearing prescription sunglasses because he had left his other glasses at home by mistake.  He did look cool, though.

I had bought some snacks at Eldorado because Boomtown doesn't have a great gift shop or snack bar, but then I stupidly left them somewhere, either in the Lyft or the casino. I did a lot of stupid things this weekend. I almost lost a jacket I like...fortunately, when we went back for it, it was still there on the chair where we'd been sitting at the slots.

When I was playing roulette, I should have stayed on red, too, but I got nervous and switched to black, so I lost it all. Oh, well, easy come, easy go...  Anyway, I bought some more snacks back at the snack bar in our hotel, but they weren't very healthy.

David didn't want to stay out too late, so we went back to the room after that. I did work etc. I stayed up until about 5am. I had a nice chat with a friend as well as getting work done.

  Saturday 3/23/19

I slept in a little...got up about 10 or so.

We packed up and left. I did one more stupid thing - I left my pillow there. Thankfully, I called them later and they'll mail it to me. Whew! That's the third time I've done that in the past year.

We checked out and then drove to Denny's for breakfast. They were busy, but we didn't have to wait too long. They were out of the GF English muffins, which is annoying, but at least the rest of the food is supposedly GF. I just had an omelet and bacon, and hash browns. They brought me fruit instead of the muffin.

We drove back...he stopped at Brookshire's in Springhill. I got a soda at the nearby gas station. After we came back, I worked for a while. I got very tired, though, so I took a nap. I slept for about 4 hours. I was very tired.

I just worked on my site, for the most part. We watched some TV. Later on, I watched more TV. I did very little else, other than taking out the trash. Tomorrow I'll unpack, do the laundry and finish putting back all our stuff that I moved for Yolanda.  The trip was too short!

I'm really congested today. I took a Mucinex. Hopefully it will help.  I also have a painful little bump on my tongue. UGH. I hate those. I'm sure it will be gone by tomorrow, though. And lastly, my neck has been hurting a lot. I'm just full of pain and maladies lately.

I miss Brandy, but also it's nice sometimes not to have to deal with her. I know, that's terrible, but she follows me around everywhere, whines if I don't let her follow me. She gets into stuff. She's kind of a pain sometimes. Also I have to walk her. This way I can just relax and not worry about her. She'll be home on Monday!

I watched some TV and went to bed about 4am.

  Sunday 3/24/19

David woke me up about 10:30, I think. I had a KIND bar for breakfast. We went to Java Primo, but it was very crowded, so we left. He dropped me off at Wal-Mart so I could get my hair cut, and then he went to lunch. I was waiting there quite a long time, about an hour. I had about 5 people in front of me, but two were men, fortunately (they don't usually take as long).  All I wanted was a trim, so mine didn't take too long, either. David did the grocery shopping in the meantime.

When we left the house, there was this fat bird, fluffing its wings, sitting on the roof of our house (over the garage), just singing his little heart out. It was cool, very joyful.

I hadn't washed my hair, so it didn't look that great. Once I did, though, it looked good.

When we got home, I worked on my site. I've been very stuffed up all day. I might have to take Mucinex again! UGH. I love Spring, but not the allergies.

I still have that little bump on my tongue, and it's still painful! Yuk.

I tried to take a nap, but I wasn't tired enough. Later on, we went out to Antigua's for dinner. I watched him eat, like usual.

I started the laundry, and now we're listening to this week's "American Top 40" from 1978 on DISH/Sirius from Casey Kasem.

I finished up the last of the corned beef that I made last week. It was very yummy and made great sandwiches.

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