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  Monday 3/11/19

It's been a tough week! I was either very sick or very busy all week.

I didn't want to get up for class today, so I slept in. Then after I got up, around 1pm, I was sick off and on all day from something I ate with gluten. UGH! It was awful. I mostly watched TV.

I got a summons for jury duty. In other states we've lived in, they let me postpone it if I was a student. Here you have to go in, wait and see if you're called, and then talk to the judge, who may or may not let you out. I'm sending in a form, and then we'll wait to see what happens. I called the court house and they said they send the summons out to 500 people.

I did manage to walk the dog around 4pm.

Facebook reminds me that 3 years ago, we were having dinner at Square Barrels in Hawaii. I miss that place!

47 years ago today, Harry Nilsson finished a four week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with his version of ‘Without You,’ with keyboards by Gary Wright.  I met Nilsson at one of the Beatle fests I went to, years ago. I even kissed him! He was selling kisses to raise money for hand gun control in California.  He was good friends with John Lennon, who was killed by a hand gun. I got my photo taken with him, too! Too bad he died young (he was an alcoholic).

I went out with David to El Compadre, even though I wasn't feeling well. I just had a soda while he ate. I'm only eating out at two places here, and if they make me sick, forget it. No more eating out. I told David that if he wants me to eat out with him, I need at least 2 hours' notice/reminder so I can eat before we go because I'm not going to go watch him eat when I'm hungry.  That's what happened this past weekend. I ate out way too much, at places I know would probably make me sick, just because I was hungry. No more!

Since I had so much sleep today, I stayed up really late. I worked on my blog post for my class, which is due on Thursday, among other things.

The garage door repair guy got the part in, but I don't know yet when he'll be able to come by and fix it. Soon, I hope!

We had beautiful weather all week, in the 60's and 70's, until Friday when it dropped back down to the 40's.

  Tuesday 3/12/19

I was very tired this morning. I was going to get up at 7:30, but I fell back asleep until about 8:15.  The repair guy from Suddenlink (where we get our internet) was supposed to come by today between 8 and 12. I told them that I would be leaving around 10 or 11, though. Of course, he never showed up! I have to call them and reschedule.

David took me into SAU. I had some packages to drop off at the post office first, and then I sat with my friends for a while, who were having lunch. After that, I went to Brinson to warm up my voice and practice a little bit before my class.

This week they are doing all sorts of activities for opioid addiction awareness and anti-drug stuff. Today they had a cookout with free burgers, and people were giving speeches. The Mulerider was there.  David was one of the people giving speeches. I wanted a burger, but they weren't giving them out yet, and I had class. Oh, well.

Class was fine...nothing too exciting going on. I got out early, and Trisha picked me up. I paid her money I owed her. I was still a little sick today...

I walked Brandy not too longer after that. My feet have been hurting because I'm finally breaking in the new inserts I got for my shoes.

The guy came to fix the garage doors about 4:30. It didn't take him too long. I'm so glad that my garage doors, and the openers, work! Well, only one door....the other one is blocked by boxes, so we didn't bother to get that one fixed.

30 years ago today, the Web was invented! I first got online in 94. I didn't really have access to the full Web for awhile. I had Prodigy and then Delphi, and AOL.

In the evening, I made these Keto bread rolls. They're not bad....taste a little like sourdough bread.

David came home late because he had a dinner to go to. Unfortunately, we had to miss the jazz band concert because of that.

I was very tired and went to bed early, around 10.

  Wednesday 3/13/19

I woke up around 10:15, even though I'd slept so much.

I had a lot to do today. I had two phone interviews. There was a big thunderstorm in the afternoon and it rained all evening. Brandy didn't get her walk today.

They were giving out T-shirts, pens, buttons etc. at Reynolds so I picked some up. Yay! I love getting free stuff.

In speech class we learned about our next two assignments. We have to pick a topic and then give both sides of the topic. First he said it should be something controversial, but then he gave us some examples that were not at all controversial.  :(  I think I'm going to do something TV-related.

He let us out early, and David took me home.

I did a lot of work today, and watching TV, and catching up on stuff in general.

  Thursday 3/14/19

I was very tired because I stayed up so late last night (again because I slept too much)

I got up and headed toward the bathroom, and I almost stepped up on this big salamander! It was as long as my hand. I thought it was one of the dog toys at first, until it moved! I didn't have my glasses on, that's why. Anyway, I went to get the trash can, and I put it in front of it, so it crawled in there. Then I took a photo (natch!) and then I dumped it out in the front yard. I didn't want Brandy to get it! It looked just like the other one that we found, a few months ago, but bigger.

This was an irritating day because Instagram and Facebook were down a lot of the day.

I had hot dogs for breakfast with the keto buns. Yummy!

Trisha came to get me, and I had her drop me off at Brinson. I just went ahead and warmed up my voice before my lessons, rather than going to Reynolds first. The lesson went very well.

I got a soda after that and chatted with some of my friends at Reynolds... they were selling Girl Scout cookies, so I bought a box for David. Too bad I can't have any!

I got an invitation to join Alpha Chi, due to getting straight A's, so I joined it. It's $70 but that's all you ever have to pay. I figure it looks good on my resume, so why not? I wish I could go to the induction ceremony April 18th, but we'll be out of town. Bummer!

In today's class, we just went over our latest blog posts, where we were supposed to critique a critic.

Also, I got to save a dog family today!  There's this girl who sits near me in both my classes, Sydney, and she's on the softball team. Anyway, a pregnant and injured pit bull showed up on her doorstep this week. It's very friendly and housebroken, lucky her. She's not supposed to have dogs in the campus housing, though, and she was leaving today to go on a softball trip before spring break. She said she called CCAPs, the local animal shelter, but they said they would only take dogs found out in the country, not in the city limits (which makes NO sense....I think she just got some idiot on the phone). She was worried and upset when she told us this before class. The guy that I hired to train Brandy, Steve, also works at CCAPS, so I got him on Facebook Messenger to tell him the situation. He said, "I'll pick her up."  Thank goodness for Steve! So I got her phone number, and the number of her friend that had agreed to feed the dog while she was gone, and they worked it out so Steve could go by there and pick up the dog. Yay!! So glad that it worked out, and so fast. All I had to do was send a message. Amazing!!! Luckily the professor didn't mind us working it out during class, too.

It was my last day of class for a while...we have Spring Break next week! And I have no class tomorrow. Yay! Unfortunately, David only gets the Friday of next week off.

David took me home and I walked Brandy as usual, around 3:20. She was very happy to get her walk again.

I made some more of those keto rolls, but with a little less vinegar, so they wouldn't taste so sour, and with a little more water. They came out pretty good. I made them smaller, so they were more like dinner rolls, or bread.

David was in the local paper again...

I binged-watched a Syfy TV show because I'm interviewing one of the actors tomorrow. I went to bed pretty early. I was very tired.

I'm trying something new with Brandy. I put the baby gates up near our bed so she can't jump up on the bed while we sleep, but I didn't chain her to the treadmill as usual. It worked fine until about 3:30am, when she woke me up whining. I had to chain her back up again, and then she was fine. Silly dog!  I'm trying to train her to stay off our bed, so I won't have to chain her up.

  Friday 3/15/19

I had a stomach ache (like gas pains) most of yesterday afternoon and evening, and today whenever I woke up. I was not feeling well, so I slept in, and then I went back to sleep again later. I'm sure it's the usual problems....from something I ate that has gluten in it.

It was really cold this morning, in the 40's, which surprised me. It's been so nice all week!

Beth came by around 12:30 to drop off some papers for us to sign.  I had my interview at 2pm. I was having a lot of bathroom visits all day. It was pretty bad, even worse than Monday. I was not feeling well all day, so that's why I went back to bed. I didn't walk Brandy. I just didn't feel up to it.

David came home around the usual time, and he walked Brandy for me after he had dinner. That was great. I finally got enough energy to take a shower.

It's about midnight now, so I may go to bed after this. Just so tired still!

  Saturday 3/16/19

I got up around 11:15. I was sick some more, but that was the last of it, thankfully. I took some medicine that may have helped. I still wasn't feeling all that great until well until well into the evening.

Brandy usually behaves well on the bed in the morning, but I think she could tell I was sick or something because she actually came over to my side and leaned against me as if she wanted attention. Normally she'll only stay down by the food of the bed, or she'll go over to David's pillow. It was very sweet.

We went to the BBQ place for lunch. I got my usual rib plate, but I wasn't very hungry, and my stomach was still feeling delicate, so I only had a little bit of it and took the rest home. I ordered a slice of their coconut pie, which was very good. They said before that the insides of their pies are all gluten free, just not the crust. The pie was nice and bland, so it worked better on my stomach than the BBQ food.

After that, we went home.  I walked Brandy. The weather was very nice today, in the 50's and sunny.  I'm so glad that it was nice again. Hopefully yesterday was just a fluke.

 I did a lot of work on my site.  Eventually, I did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen.  I had some more food a little later on.

While David was out doing his walk, Brandy called into my lap for a while, so that was nice. I pet her for a while until she got off again. She doesn't stay too long!

We listened to music from 1971 - the usual America's Top 40 on DISH.

I'm pretty tired, so I'll probably go to bed around midnight. Hopefully I'll have a little more energy tomorrow.

This past week, I interviewed 3 people (which is really too many, to be honest - takes up a lot of my time), 2 of which are on Lifetime movies this weekend. One used to be on "General Hospital" and the other one is there now. I might interview another soap star, from "Young & The Restless," next week, who's on another Lifetime movie. I noticed that one of my Facebook friends, who's also a former soap star, has a Lifetime movie next week as well. The publicist who helped me get those other interviews isn't handling her movie, so I asked the actress directly on Facebook messenger if I could interview, and she said yes! So that's cool. :) I love getting soap star interviews because we have a lot of soap fans who visit my site.

I watched a family friendly movie tonight called "Change of Plans" from 2011. It stars Joe Flanigan, who starred in "Stargate: Atlantis."  I love him! So I'm watching his movies.

  Sunday 3/17/19

I was feeling much better today and only got a tiny bit sick.

David woke me up so that I could go with him to Java Primo like usual. I didn't eat there, just had a soda. If they'd had some kind of St. Patrick's Day food, I might have taken the chance, but they didn't.

After that, we did our usual thing, went to Wal-Mart for our shopping, and I got a soda at the Subway.

We went home, and I had leftover barbecue for breakfast. I had a lot of work to do today on my site (which is, again, common on Sundays).  I didn't really think about lunch, so I didn't eat.

Eventually, David wanted to go to Antigua's, and my blood sugar was a little low (in the 80's), so I went with him, figuring I'd just have a soda so it wouldn't be too bad.  Unfortunately, the service there was very slow, so I started sweating profusely and not feeling well, since we were waiting so long. Eventually, I went up to the cash register area and grabbed some Andie's Candie's (they always have them sitting there in a box, and they give them out at the end of the meal). When they finally came to take our order, I ordered a HiC punch. It's probably been over 20 years since I even drank a Diet HiC! I used to drink those all the time. Anyway, it helped a lot. I didn't want to chance eating there again, otherwise I would have just had some tortilla chips.

After we went home, I had real food.

I did the laundry and dishes, too. Nothing very exciting going on today. I'll be doing a lot this week.

I stayed up way too late, and then I couldn't sleep because of allergies. I was itching, and congested, and my left eye was watering a lot. I don't think I went to sleep until about 7am.

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