Pictures in 2009!

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We visited Las Vegas and San Diego in June.  We met up with a bunch of friends for karaoke!

Me, Ann, Ira and David.  Ann is a friend from high school I haven't seen in 30 years!

Mary, Marty, Jake and Jake's girlfriend (don't remember her name)

Here are some pics with the family...

We went to Denver in April for a conference. Here's the capitol.

Here's David at the capitol.

We went to karaoke!

Here's my old friend from college, Anji, who lives there.

Our friend Airee from TTU also joined us.

It was very windy there...

Here are the flowers that bloomed around our house.

I tried to get a pic through the window but the flash kept going off.

Here's the area behind our fence which is very green and mossy.


Here's Bugsdog around our yard.

Here's Bugs licking David!

Here's David at Jan's karaoke party.

Here's my mug collection, which I am finally displaying...

I moved the lady bugs to another room, and these don't collect as much dust.


I planted flowers...first time I ever did any gardening. It has been interesting to learn. Apparently anything can grow here.  The red flowers are verbena, the yellow are shrub roses. This is right after I planted so you can see the dirt where I dug the holes for the flowers. I should have more recent pics soon. They look great!


These pictures were taken by a cell phone camera, so they are a bit fuzzy...I will take more soon!

Bugs was so cute sleeping on the couch...

our main Christmas tree

little train that lights up at bottom of tree

our other, smaller tree

I took a video of the tree....

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