CLOTHES - click on the pic to see the larger one

Here's a skirt that I usually pair with a black shirt, somewhat dressy

Long orange skirt, casual, looks wrinkled but  isn't, sort of a crepe-like material, usually pair it with a beige shirt

pink skirt, casual, pair it with a white top, very flattering midriff

red dress with blue flowers, love it - very comfortable

flattering shirt with cowl neck and elbow-length sleeves - sometimes I wear this to karaoke even though it's not glittery, or pair it with the first skirt above

This is covered in glitter and beads, kind of tight and a little short on me but fun for karaoke

peach tee-shirt dress, very casual, longer in back than in front, brand new

I've worn this one a lot - sparkly metal things on the shoulders

I bought this for karaoke- glittery- but it's a bit small, too tight

sort of a tee shirt but sparkly, ruched on the sides

I've worn this a lot, especially to karaoke in the fall/winter as it's very warm. Two-piece, black velvet-like undershirt and a dark blue, glittery over-shirt

very comfy and pretty but don't like how it shows my arms

Just a plain blue shirt, very thin

blue knit shirt, very flattering, but shrunk a little in the front, nice for winter

comfy green cowl neck knit shirt, nice for winter

needs ironing but love the ruffles, a little low cut

nice knitted cowl shirt, good for fall weather

love this shirt, wear it a lot in fall and winter - oddly shaped cowl neck and color reminds me of Star Trek :)

comfy old white knit shirt, very thin, have to wear a tank top under it as it's so thin but love it! Good for layering in the winter.