2009 Pictures


Here are some recent pics...click on the thumbnail to see the larger pic

We met with our good friend George N. Popa and his wife Beth, and their two new babies, George IV and Coral.  This was in May in San Diego.  Here is George with baby George.

Here is Beth with Coral. Sorry, the photo did not come out that great.

David is holding up George IV here.

Here is David's mom with Coral.

I ran out of film or I would have taken more of the cute babies!

Here is David's mom on Mother's Day with her presents!

Here is the rose bush outside our front door which bloomed nicely in March and April. It would look a little less straggly if we ever did anything to do it......just goes to show you how easily things grow here, though!

We went to St. Petersburg in June for a short trip. I got some nice pics here of the pier and bay.  Here is the view of the city from the pier.

Here's David in front of the pier.

Here's me in front of the pier.

This is a pelican..I was not quite on the actual pier but wanted to take a picture before it flew away.


I moved closer, and sure enough, it flew away!

Here are some recent pictures of The Bugs Dog.  This one is from when it snowed last winter.

These pics are in our house or back yard.

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